Queerness is a way of being and seeing. It’s not just about sexual orientation and gender identity but it is a radical lens, a political ideology and a way of critically looking at the world around us.  Queerness leads us to evaluate the social constructs around us. Heteronormativity, (the assumption of heterosexuality is the norm and “better than” any other variation of sexuality), the perception of sexual orientation and gender as a binary (gay vs. straight and masculine vs. feminine) and the inherent sexism of our culture are all under fire right here.

The best thing about being queer is the freedom to stray from the old narratives of what we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to live.  We get to decide: who do we want to be, what should our family look like, who and how do we want to partner. Queering the mind is a space to question and discuss all of these things.  It’s also a place to celebrate queer life – whatever that may look like.

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